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It Started With A Converse

It Started With A Converse

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Laylaa Khan By xThePineappleGirlx Completed

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"Princess, if you want to take back the offer, you can." he states and leans his face closer to mine, our lips almost touching. 

"N-no, I'll do it." I whisper. 

"Then prove it." he states with a smirk, "Prove to me that you're willing to do this." 

"How?" I ask in a barely audible whisper, my entire body starting to shake in fear or excitement, I can't tell which. 

"Kiss me, like you mean it." he whispers back at me, looking down at my lips with hunger. 


Anne De Ville is as normal as a teenage girl with three brothers and divorced parents gets. She has no dogs because she is too lazy to take them for walks and spends her life reading or studying. 

On an average sunny day,  Anne decides she needs to buy new shoes and so she goes to the closest mall and buys new converses. Little did she know that she might accidentally drop her shoes down three flights of stairs and they might accidentally fall on Hunter Denegan's head. 

Hunter Denegan. The baddest of the bad, the meanest of the mean, the best of the best and the sexiest of the sexy. He is the schools bad boy and people worship him at his feet. 

What happens when a pair of converses land on Hunter's head and he turns into prince charming, looking for the girl who lost her shoe?



Copyright © by xThePineappleGirlx

1ij4kw3 1ij4kw3 2 days ago
ddduuuuudddddeee whats his name!!!!!!!?????He my new celeb crush!!!!!!!
chastitysandell chastitysandell 2 days ago
                              july 18 Tuesday
                              Cali ; I don't know what the fudge time it is geez , I can barely wake up in the morning (sadly I've been waking up around 11 or 12) rip for my breakfast
1_Squid_1 1_Squid_1 a day ago
Hey Charles 👋 want to meat Jeffrey *pulls out another drill*
18-41am 18-41am 2 days ago
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Nahalin Nahalin 21 hours ago
Is his name Daniel cause' damn!
                              (I said this to my crush in 7th grade xD)
KorannaClelland KorannaClelland 2 days ago
Thank god it's finally someone other than Francisco what's his face he is super overplayed as the bad boy on wattpad