Bad Boy Supreme meet Black Widow

Bad Boy Supreme meet Black Widow

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Hima By AWESOMEperson453 Updated Aug 28, 2017

I had promoted this story on my other wattpad book:
"Hawkeye meet Half-Blood" and was encouraged to write it so here.


Black Widow/ Natasha Romanoff is Leo Valdez's aunt. 
What will happen. Punches, hugs, or pranks. 
Read to find out.
 Also, since Leo is just awesome like that, the demigods can use phones in this story. And for some random reason, Calypso isn't here, sooooo yeah. 


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Amber_LunNyx Amber_LunNyx Dec 22, 2017
Am i the only one who realized that nectar and ambrosia can be demigod drugs?
Shiro_The_Dragon Shiro_The_Dragon May 30, 2017
Is it funny that I thought of minecraft when I saw #creeperalert?
NightNightWingHybrid NightNightWingHybrid Jul 04, 2017
An assassin that is horrid at keeping to herself (emotions,etc) compared to you,Leo.
mi-rnd mi-rnd Aug 13, 2017
Who the hell let this crazy genius have a license to drive?!
Nika_Lvenko Nika_Lvenko 6 days ago
I love that picture, but... I want to see it in real. If ya' know what I mean.😏😏😚😍
NightNightWingHybrid NightNightWingHybrid Jul 04, 2017
I don't doubt that, if you can drive a mechanical object then you can drive a vehicle.