Kim Jongin Is My Best Friend  [Kai/Xiumin Ambw]

Kim Jongin Is My Best Friend [Kai/Xiumin Ambw]

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If only I could tell Jongin how I feel than maybe I wouldn't have to hide them from him but your in love with Krystal Jung this is  the story of Sona and how she has been best friends with Kai for some time now. She's Kai's first foreign friend her and Kai met by accident when he gave out his Weibo account and Sona have been friends since the beginning she's been through everything for Kai each era even when Kris filed his lawsuit the same with Luhan and Tao but she had to go away for a little bit for working at a large company and she had to travel to Russia and Thailand for six months but on the way back to Seoul she finds out that Kai is actually Interest In someone that some is Krystal and Sona doesn't like Krystal so what can she do when her best friend Is helpless In love but will something change In Kai when he sees he's best friend with someone  or will Xiumin change that feeling for both?

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Bangtan001wifee Bangtan001wifee Jul 21, 2017
i wear headbands when i do a high puff and my edges are just a mess and am too lazy to do them
Bangtan001wifee Bangtan001wifee Jul 21, 2017
Shimmie shimmie Ko Ko Bop! lol i just remembered that when i read that line
kaedengalaxy kaedengalaxy Jun 18, 2016
These are really good but I'm having a little trouble reading because of the lack of punctuation.
- - Aug 18, 2016
Omg soo much foreshadowing !!! XD i cant contain myself. I can already tell that this is a great book