In Where Gerard Is Awkward And Tries To Seduce Frank

In Where Gerard Is Awkward And Tries To Seduce Frank

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I'm edgy as shit By XxGerardisdeadxX Completed

Gerard works from 11 to 8 an Italian restaurant while sketching in the morning and afternoon when he can to sell his work. 

Frank works at his fathers and uncles Italian restaurant but his papa doesn't know he works as a prostitute from 9- when ever his last customer gets rid of their food

Frank isn't blind. He can see Gerard from the kitchen when he showed off his smile because someone said they liked his hair. When someone was nice and didn't give him shit during his shift. He could see the way his hips swayed when he walked, seeming like he owned the place. 

Gerard, was oblivious to this until he was sick of him being an awkward, 25 year old virgin and got a list of prostitutes numbers off of his brothers boyfriend.
Smut, probably more smut, language, and whatever else I decided. I might add something triggering, don't know.

Updates are probably scattered.

I'm going to try and update at least once a week but right after a chapter I start another before slowly working on the next one. Then I get inspiration and write.

By the way, my covers have nothing to do with the book. They're random aesthetics because this book is more fun and has somewhat of a plot to guide it through the story. There is a plot but this story is on the fun side and not very serious. Personally, I read fun books because then I can go back to an emotionally damaging one but whatever. My song choices also vary with the chapter and not always matching up. Anyways, still enjoy-

((Top Frank/bottom Gerard))

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