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Unchaining Alice

Unchaining Alice

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Laura By littleLo Completed

James Alcott has always had a talent for charming women right into his bed, a talent that he has enjoyed, along with his status of being heir to the Earldom of Ethridge. A chance encounter, however, with a woman who does not see worth in wealth of status will change his life forever. 
Alice Devereaux has been hiding for three years. She fought and survived the 1832 French Revolution and is hiding in England under a pseudonym. Her family and friends all died as criminals and if she ever returned to her native Paris then she would be slaughtered too. Her family's hatred of aristocracy has been instilled in her and she carries around the burden of both her and her people's failure to create equality. 
And then, as if God is testing her, she meets a man who holds all the qualities she was born to hate - wealth, status and arrogance. But that man is determined to succeed in winning her. So what is she to do? Succumb to his charms? Or hold true to the beliefs of her French comrades?

DownWith1D_JMD DownWith1D_JMD Feb 04, 2016
This is exactly what my western civilization class is covering right now. This is perfect!
sonja252 sonja252 Feb 05
Loved it this could and probably happened in real life!!! Your story could have really been a true story of someone's life back then!!! Well written!!!
Anna90Alex Anna90Alex Mar 17, 2016
I got tears in my eyes while reading that. I don't have a brother. But even if i have one, i don't think he would sacrifice his life for me..
WindyWinter WindyWinter Feb 26
Why? Oh why did he have to die! Couldn't the fool have just got in the crate with her?
diecinueve diecinueve Feb 27, 2016
Wow. To the author of this story, Laura, I am thankful that you wrote this one. Utis not just about the story. It has something to do with the history. I am thankful for seeing this story. Worth reading and sharing for!
Maggie1283 Maggie1283 Dec 06, 2016
So tragic story...i hope i can bear until the end chapter...hohoho...