The Tequila Gang

The Tequila Gang

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Lollie_xo By Lollie_xo Updated 3 days ago

**previously Summer shots and sass**

Tequila is always a good idea right? 

Sometimes it makes for the worst decisions. 

But what and who else are you gonna turn to when shit gets real and everything isn't all as it seems? The bad boy in town of course and that fancy bottle of tequila he's holding. But just how bad is he? 

Join Tia on her journey as she's faced with many twists and turns, ups and downs and plenty of drunk shenanigans. 

Welcome to the summer of heart break, sassiness and an overload of sexual tension, strap yourself in because this could be a bumpy ride. 

Definitely not the summer Tia Harvey had first imagined. 


creator1dx creator1dx Oct 05, 2016
hey i was wondering if you could check out my stories Freaks (Larry) and Twenty-one Questions (Phan). if you could vote/comment/read either of them i would really appreciate that, just PM me so i can return the favor. also F4F???? sorry to bother you
Seems awesome so far (from the info in the blurb/description). Which celebs are playing which characters? I would like to attempt to make another cover (I'm bored).
BentOvrBckwrds1Writs BentOvrBckwrds1Writs Oct 23, 2016
Again, enjoyable paragraph, would recommend at least two sentences instead of one giant sentence as the paragraph😞
I love this book already😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
love__wins love__wins Oct 24, 2016
I know it's Cara here.....but no one remembered Lydia from teen wolf?
BentOvrBckwrds1Writs BentOvrBckwrds1Writs Oct 23, 2016
It's nice and funny, but the sentences are a little short. I would recommend a little more detail.