Breathe Me In. || Book One

Breathe Me In. || Book One

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Hadrian feeds off girls souls to keep himself alive. He has no pity for them, they're food to him. He has been around for a very long time and a very strong demon, he wasn't going to let anything ruin anything for him. Souls are always better when their filled with love. 

Nevaeh wont lie, she think new kid Hadrian is gorgeous but dangerous. He seems to have every girl in school enchanted as if he was some angel--or worse. She tries her best not to get close and be tempted by him. She has this feeling she has to stay away. 

But that's hard when he just pops inside her dreams!

Hadrian knows there something different about Nevaeh, She doesn't fall for him quickly, making his attention stay on her. Maybe it's her innocent, sweet, baby face or her stubbornness but he feels himself getting closer to her and this new feeling he has never felt before.

Nevaeh life changes when her Uncle Carter shows back up and she learns his secret why he's always leaving and showing back up in her life. She will learn her family history and realize everything wasn't always as it seems. Truth, betrayal, and a forbidden love will be along the way.

KyokoRen KyokoRen May 28, 2014
I know that artist who made that cover for the book your using. You got it from 
                              should you at least give them credit? cause I don't see their name anywhere on this page unless you pointing it out for me
waituntilnight waituntilnight Feb 12, 2014
Uccellino does mean 'little bird' in a literal English to Italian translation, but personally, I wouldn't use it in everyday chit chat. But for writing sense, uccellino is perfectly fine! Lovely writing, doll!
Latianie123 Latianie123 Jan 24, 2014
Yup it's official I totally love this story the description and first chapter have me so into this story.
ariellerp ariellerp Oct 23, 2013
EnchantedWere22 EnchantedWere22 Sep 05, 2013
THIS ISN'T A BAD IDEA! WHO TOLD YOU IT'S A BAD IDEA! DON'T LISTEN TO THEM AND KEEP WRITING! And yeah the Italian is correct, it's also pronounced oo-chuh-lee-no, just in case you were wondering!