Reincarnated As A Otome Game Villainess (Hiatas/not sure when I will update/)

Reincarnated As A Otome Game Villainess (Hiatas/not sure when I will update/)

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SakuraSamurai By SakuraSamurai Updated Apr 22

*Ah .... truck san, what did I ever do to you for you to treat me this way?*

Yukino Showa was a 19 year old martial arts otaku and light novel enthusiast. She loved anything to do with martial arts and even brought an otome game because of its background being based in martial arts & magic era/european old era. 

However after playing the game she was angry.
*Why are all the love interest's falling for a such a weak minded heroine? She's making a mess of their feelings*.

An angry yukino met truck san on her little tantrum outside and, well you can guess what happens next................

Aye!!! Apear buddy, lazy otaku's rule the world!!!! 😂😂😋😋
Anerali Anerali May 31
Best way to go is either avoid the heroine altogether, or befriend the idiot.
Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Jun 09
....At least she's not trained by Reborn at that age..... Reborn will make you run in laps with heavy weights while a lion chases you and will forcibly increase your speed by targeting you with a bullet.....
*sneezed* *screech*
                              ......... Truck-san get another victim this time. XDD
oOPiggyPotatoOo oOPiggyPotatoOo Oct 31, 2016
This is the kind of ending i was looking for...LOL I JUST SNEEZED...IS THIS A COINCIDENCE. . . .or not....huehuehue XD
me_reading me_reading Apr 19, 2016
Head of security is probably a training junkie.... She's 3 years old ya'kno?