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Always Keep Fighting By _noluckever Updated Nov 02

I actually think that the most efficacious way of making a differerence is to lead by example, and doing random acts of kindness is setting a very good example of how to behave in the world. - Misha Collins


Face claims said it all


MadiBoo1222 MadiBoo1222 2 days ago
Hair: Black/Dark Brown
                              Eyes: Blue/Light Green
                              Age: 16-18
                              Born: ---
                              Gender: Female
1) red hair
                              2) green or hazel eyes
                              3) 23 or 24
                              4) not needed
                              5) Not needed
                              Extra: Someone who could be a cop if you can
poohbroseph poohbroseph Oct 14
1) Unnatural/ Multicolored
                              2)Blue, green, or hazel
                              3) 23-25
                              4) Not needed
                              5) Female
Hair color: Blonde
                              Eye color: Green
                              Age: 13-15
                              Born: -
                              Gender: Female
-hellhounds -hellhounds Sep 30
1) brunette or Black
                              2) brown, green, whatever (basically my color)
                              3) 15-17 ish
                              4) not needed 
                              5) not needed
                              Extra: thank you if you end up doing this! I hope this is okay
1) Dark brunette maybe almost black
                              2) Eye color doesn't really matter 
                              3)16-17 looking doesn't have to actually be that age
                              4) Not needed 
                              5)Not needed 
                              Extra: Girls that would make a good Ravenclaw student and love interest for Cedric Diggory. Thank you!