Knowledge is Power is Time is Money: 'Storm and Silence' One Shots

Knowledge is Power is Time is Money: 'Storm and Silence' One Shots

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Bee By fizzybizzybee Updated Aug 03, 2016

Some short and sweet tales of the adventures of Miss Lillian Linton and Mr Rikkard Ambrose as they face suffragism, chauvinism, and the cumbersome trials of society in Victorian England.  

The stories featured are from the mind of yours truly. However, I am also looking for writers to co-write with, and I would love it if you requested ideas for one shots! Inbox me if you have an idea for a collab! 

NOTE: These are fanfictions. "Storm and Silence" and it's many wonderful characters belongs to Robert Thier! If you haven't read his books, what are you doing with your life?

ReadingandI ReadingandI Jul 08
awww, but so unlike ambrose he probably wouldnt have done that maybe he would have frozen tho, lol but awsome
tis1kay tis1kay Apr 02
Right i'm taking note. Make Rikkard feel bad for you and BOOM you got the day off work. Do you think this will work on my teachers?
tis1kay tis1kay Apr 02
was this actually written by Rob himself? Could of fooled me.
                              The writing is so similar and well put together!
I love the effort but're a bit off on my girl Lilly
luvslanguages17 luvslanguages17 Jun 21, 2016
Good one especially the distance calculating thingy I loved it <3 long live Sir Rob ho ho !!
immabeautyandabeast immabeautyandabeast Oct 18, 2016
No offense (loving story so far) but i don't think Lilly would be moved to tears instead she would react more angrily