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Fnaf Roleplay

Fnaf Roleplay

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~Hollyleaf~ By foxyxchicarules Updated Jan 16


Name: Trinity Rose
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: Female
                              Looks: Profile pic
                              Personality: Kind, compassionate, shy, easily scared, obnoxious, loud, funny, playfully
                              Likes: (Find out)
                              Dislikes: (Find out)
                              Crush: Open
                              ECT: None
                              Type: Human nightguard
Name: faith 
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: female 
                              Looks: same as golden Freddy 
                              Hates: the purple guy, pervs, jerks 
                              Likes: everyone 
                              Crush: bonnie 
                              Type: animatronics 
                              Personality: kind and nice and loving and caring and easily get mad and love to jokes around with her twin brother golden Freddy
Name: Hidei 
                              Age: 16
                              Looks: Very light blue. Has white around her mouth area. Has a dark blue bow tie.
                              Hates: Purple guy, Bullies.
                              Likes: Her friends, playing around, 
                              Crush: Toy Bonnie 
                              Ect: None
                              Type: Bunny Animatronic
Name: Crystal
                              Age: (yo can I be a kid?)
                              Looks: purple. Basically like Bonnie
                              Hates: Purple Guy. PERV!
                              Likes: food, reading, quiet
                              Crush: NONE!
                              Ect: a new made child animatronic. Bunny, made to be a child of one of the animatronics which is Bonnie, can sing
                              Tipe: Animatronic
                              Looks:profile pic
                              Hates:the dark, the cold,  scary stuff (unless it's a video game)
                              Likes:video games,music, playing instruments, 
                              Etc:he likes documentaries and anime
                              Type: human