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Beanies and Tattoos -Larry Stylinson- AU Punk!Louis UNI!Harry

Beanies and Tattoos -Larry Stylinson- AU Punk!Louis UNI!Harry

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No One. By stripperlouisx Completed

Sometimes, people wonder why they don’t have an easier life. Take Harry Styles for example. He attends UNI in London, England and has one friend, Niall Horan. Just when he thought he could get away from all the name-calling and the physical bullying, it comes right back to him and the only thing that made it happen was Jason; the immature bully that can’t seem to grow up.
	 Harry meets someone that knows what he is going through, after all the same guy had the same problems when he went to UNI. But does this certain someone’s past come between them?
	Louis Tomlinson was the intimidating guy with all of the tattoos inking his fit body. But he is the sweetest guy once you meet him. He went through a lot in UNI and part of high school because of being gay. He is done with school and now working in the local tattoo shop with his friend, Liam. When one customer comes to get their first tattoo, Louis seems to be drawn by the nineteen year old lad.
	The only thing that can get in the way of them is the past. What would happen?

my mum told me if someone hits me to hit them back....... i learned the hard way that doesn't apply to me hitting my siblings coz they hit me
Alli2043 Alli2043 May 27, 2016
Lololollololollilojsghndhdb tattoo? You crack me up!😂😂😂
abelsniaz abelsniaz Feb 02, 2016
in this fic does louis have like his own tattoos or just some random tattoos
larrymylarrents larrymylarrents Jul 18, 2016
Whoa okay😂 let's not get carried away hahahaha😂😂😂 niall😂 tattoos
Ugly? Did he just call The Harry Edwards Styles ugly. Okay I found out the problem with this guy. He's blind so that's why he's mad at everyone cause they can see and he can't. I mean that has to be it, there is no other reasonable explanation why he would call Harry Styles ugly
bloodyxfingerxprint bloodyxfingerxprint Aug 19, 2015
What the heck is "tattoos and dimples"? People are saying this is copying it, I don't think you are, I think you are doing good so don't let people bring you down.