Project Stilinski (completed)

Project Stilinski (completed)

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You Don't Have To By stydiaHAShappened Completed

"Game plan. Throw a kick ass party and have Lydia Martin fall in love with you."
"I'm pretty sure that's not how it works..."
"And I'm pretty sure that's exactly how it works." 

Stiles wasn't even remotely close to popular and having a crush on the most popular girl at Beacon Hills didn't exactly help. But apparently (according to his best friends) throwing a kick ass party would help get him a little bit of radar.

"You're the kid that threw that party right?"

Lydia then makes it her full fledged job to un-nerd him. She calls it her best idea yet: project Stilinski.

Archies-STD Archies-STD Mar 16
I like Stydia too but if Cora was still there my otp would be Stora
i_am_fanvergent_ i_am_fanvergent_ Dec 23, 2016
My favourite is the one of him and Cora- bottom left corner 😂😂👌🏼
_madiolivia_ _madiolivia_ Sep 17, 2016
“Intermittent Explosive Disorder...”
                              “I.E.D?! You're literally an I.E.D.?!”
ElizabethGoryachkovs ElizabethGoryachkovs Jun 16, 2016
This is so good, I want to to change my name to Harold McFerald
Penny2310 Penny2310 Nov 05, 2016
Ok this is weird I knew a guy in third grade with that exact name
royaljasonblue royaljasonblue Jun 21, 2016
Isaac gets funnier in every book you write . I'm sorry I've left but I'm back and I'm going to read your fanficton a lot more