365 Days With You: Part 1 and 2 (Sample only)

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EricaStanciu By EricaStanciu Completed
(On here is about 70% of book one and two. I have the completed version on Amazon.com) After a tragic accident Ali is forced to take care of her brother and sister. Her parents would rather drink and do anything to obtain money for that alcohol. Six years later she finally has her head above the pain and poverty by doing something she loves, training shifters. Being one of the top fighters in the world has its perks. Especially when the Italian Prime Minister's son, Jace, seeks you out for help.
hi!I really want to read this book but I can't buy any books on amazon... hope there will be other ways. I've been wanting to read this for a year now
Loved this story read this on my kindle now waiting for part 2
It sounds awesome but im afraid to read it if i wont be able to read the ending :(
please post the whole thing i cant buy it on my kindle mom said no, it upset me a lot when i rwaluzed the whole thing wasnt on here
i can't buy this book coz i don't have kindle. even if i have, it still won't let me buy because of region reason :( i really love this book. do something!
You should really put this on iBooks, because i have an iPad, not a kindle. I really wanna read this!