Hot for a teacher (SansXreader)

Hot for a teacher (SansXreader)

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Vodka_martini By vodka_martini Updated Feb 03, 2017

A walking paradox. 

That's what you were. You were over-zealous, interesting, and adventurous. You were the life of the party and all your friends loved you. 

But inside, you were dark and brooding. You were lost and alone and messed up. No one knew the extent of your pain or why you were so adventurous. You didn't want to sink into the endless spiral of despair and the void that threatened to swallow you. You kept running, moving, not stopping for even a moment, because if you did you knew you were fucked.

But when you did stop, a certain pun loving skeleton and a quantum physics professor had always kept you afloat. Maybe your friendship would run deeper than skin. It might just run to your bones.

Well, who knows? You might just get the hots for a teacher...

Crude language, maybe smut later on.

This is a SansXReader fanfic. Enjoy!

  • alphys
  • asgore
  • flowey
  • frisk
  • papyrus
  • sansxreader
  • toriel
  • undertale
  • undyne
UVUdvdeUVU UVUdvdeUVU Jul 21, 2017
accurately describing my life
                              in one single sentence.
                              wow lmao im weak
UVUdvdeUVU UVUdvdeUVU Jul 21, 2017
back off pls
                              this isn't a sans x [insert monster who said that] ;;
UVUdvdeUVU UVUdvdeUVU Jul 21, 2017
and i quote
                              but also edit
                              "Asgore! I thought we were besties! How dare you think of Snas that way! you filthy fxxkin goat with your fluffy axs boi i'll rip you into two--"
UVUdvdeUVU UVUdvdeUVU Jul 21, 2017
im in the edge
                              of embarrassment
                              and im about to fall over soon
                              oh god help me
KiwiGallicorn KiwiGallicorn Jun 28, 2016
I never thought I would have to kinkshame someone while they were eating xD
Sinismylife Sinismylife Jul 22, 2016
Wow this girl is really me I'm surprised 😱👏👏👏👏👏👏😀👏👏👏👏👏👏