Strange Kid Diabolik lovers fanfiction Completed (UNDER EDIT)

Strange Kid Diabolik lovers fanfiction Completed (UNDER EDIT)

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🌒norman🌒 By fatema-chan Completed

Nana komori (adopted obviously )
Age : 12 or 13?
Eye color : bright green
Hair color : black
Likes : fluffy white sweaters,watching anime when nobody's home,wishes to buy manga(she reads manga on her phone)

Personality : she's known to be shy and kinda anti social 
She's only close to yui and nobody else 


I'll just pretend she look way different to this because I can😁😆
frostbite88 frostbite88 Jan 03
Reading: likes ,undertale, YouTube,fnaf, fan fiction 
                              "I am so happy "
Damn, thank god. Almost all my OCs are around that age. The oldest is 17.
- - Dec 30, 2016
Brown eyes? Not green? *pouts* Then she would be just like me (except hairstyle but you get it)
                              And not white but black
Finally someone did a fanfic my age but I'm turning 13 in July 😂🙂
So, technically she is a lonely son of a gun...
                              aka: Me-- No, US.