Boarding School Cos Im Naughty

Boarding School Cos Im Naughty

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KeepDreamingDreamer By KeepDreamingDreamer Updated Aug 28, 2012

It had been an hour since I punched that guy for god knows how long, I doubt I'll forget this day really. I sat inside a blank small interviewing room; this is what I get for helping a friend. The man walked in from earlier with another person a woman in a suit who was holding a folder. I stared at them and they sat down, feeling like I was on a TV show.

"Freya Greene" she looked at my folder, looking back at me I nodded, I had my head rested on my hand with my elbow on the table, She wacked it of the table with the folder.

"I heard that you nearly killed a guy tonight, do you have anything to say" she leaned back I just sat there I've sent people hospital before but I haven't been put in prison. "I understand you're a little shocked or scared about being here" she said looking back at my folder. Let's just say that my folder is quite thick for my age.

"I'm not scared, I'm not scared of anyone or why would that guy be in hospital" I stared at her, I dropped my arms either side of me...