Never Stop Fighting (MCSM Jestra) Fanfiction

Never Stop Fighting (MCSM Jestra) Fanfiction

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Drake Freer By CoolGuy142 Updated Oct 30

After the Witherstorm and Sky City problem, Jesse quickly find themselves in a new adventure, and it was a tough one.

Jesse and Petra had gotten closer, and eventually they fell for each other. But what happens when Aiden tries to stop them AND Jesse?

(I know they didn't come back after Sky City, but just go with it.)

Really cool Fan stuff *cough* follow me*I know how to summon bill cipher
CoolGuy142 CoolGuy142 Apr 05
Hmm, its equal, if there's no other comments, I'll go with the one whi replied first
LindaBin935 LindaBin935 Jul 27
This is very nice. I love how you are able to make choices! Keep out the nice work! <3
Well, this seems promising. Can't wait for the next parts. :)