30 days with him│eunwoo

30 days with him│eunwoo

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caught in a lie By taehyunglights Completed

"You're being stupid again." She commented wiping her face.

"I'm being stupid because of you. That's it!" Eunwoo backfired.

"I don't know what I did that you're like that?!" Minyoung snapped.

"Yes you're doing something that is making me stupid!"

"Whatever that thing is I'm innocent!"

"No you're not innocent!"

"And why is that idiot?!"

"You're guilty about making me fall in love with you!" 

Being put in that house for 30 days to see some developments about me and him being each other is not a joke. I'll be living 30 days with him. 

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My is eunwoo so roodddd he doesn't seem like this kind of character. Ehh, I'll still read
jia1004 jia1004 Aug 23
so minyoung nerd girl who wear nerd glasses n nerd hair with the nerd face??? ok~~ im into this story~~
Eh second time and I see my lil smol bean self jk that was a couple months ago
what i said the first time i saw eunwoo but ending up ulting him IM
footballcrown footballcrown a day ago
When someone says is not interested on eunwoo's ancestral beauty u know they lying... It's like when ppl say jiyong is not their bias or that baekhyun doesn't wear eyeliner, all lies, lies everywhere
chocfulla chocfulla Jul 12
Im nervous cause I only became an Aroha recently and this is my first time reading a fanfiction of them... especially my bias Eunwoo.