What If Theories

What If Theories

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Sammy By misssmartstuff Updated 13 hours ago

My mind is filled with some crazy stuff, here are some what if theories that often linger in the back of my head. 

Feel free to share your what if theories with me (in the comment section or private message me them) for them to be shared in this book!

NOTE: These are all therories, some may disagree while others may not. These are all big WHAT IF's.

Izzy12513 Izzy12513 Nov 01, 2016
Technically we actually ARE dying. Everyday we get older and sicker and more unhealthy so if we want to be TECHNICAL about this then yes, we are dying.
oceanhowell oceanhowell Jan 07
It's theory 1 and I'm already having an existential crisis grEAT
DianaANDbatman1299 DianaANDbatman1299 Oct 24, 2016
WAIT! What if we where dead?? Where just reliving life again??
StarNightSky02 StarNightSky02 Dec 28, 2016
What if when we're in pain our soon-to-be soulmate feel it too
mrs_ami_weasley mrs_ami_weasley 4 days ago
Then I'll greet it like an old friend and tell it "I've had s good one"
Iceland_san Iceland_san Dec 27, 2016
All I've done is watch anime, obsessive over anime characters, play video games/ otome and so many fandoms....... life well wasted