What If Theories

What If Theories

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사비카 사미 By misssmartstuff Updated Nov 17

My mind is filled with some crazy stuff, here are some theories that often linger in the back of my head. 

Feel free to share your 'what if theories' with me (in the comment section or private message me them) for them to be shared in this book!

NOTE: These are all theories, some may disagree while others may not. These are all big WHAT IF's.

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hey i looked up what if theories on google and ur book cover is one of the images on google images
It makes so much sense!!! Because we all have those times where you don't remember what you're doing or going to do so that's a moment in your life you don't remember so well!
                              *Mind Blown*
bitchmafia bitchmafia May 09
Story time:
                              I was driving with my nan and pop and nan saw a light flash and said "did you see that light?" And I said "yeah it was my life flashing before my eyes." So she has the audicy to respond with "geez didn't take long"
Nazia_horan Nazia_horan Nov 13
You didn't make up these, they were on Google long long time ago
I don't think I would remember sitting in bed staring at my phone for so long though
                              Nah, dayz at school are too bloody long for my life to be "flashing" by