mashallah [zayn]

mashallah [zayn]

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marah By intellects Updated 41 minutes ago

He wasn't exactly the most pious boy you'd meet. His skin was inked with tattoos, his mind would often forget things and he knew and did things he shouldn't.

He was shy and introverted. No one really knew him.

But, you know, there's always this one girl he couldn't stop thinking about and every time his mind would find its way to her, he'd always remember to say mashallah.

This lowkey reminds me of this story where the guy was a sociopath and had like zero emotions whatsoever
-stylan -stylan Apr 06
omg wasn't mashallah that song your friend was dancing to in your snapchat story lmao i keep thinking about it each time i read see this title sjsjs
Its kind of weird, cause you don't see books like this on here every time. So when I saw it, I was blown away. Literally
And the mashaallah at the end of your story is what captivated me. I'm sooooo excited