Karmic Hearts (COMPLETED - Taglish)

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KwentoNiJhingness By JhingBautista Completed
Karmina Joan made a wish on an old well on the night of Valentine's. The next day, she found herself seeing red strings coming out of people's fingers. And if that's not freaky enough, some guy just randomly came up to her and introduced himself as Cupid. 
    Cupid instructed her to fill the jar he gave her with six pairs of connected hearts before the next Valentine's Day. If she succeeds, she will return to normal and get her own connecting string back. But if she fails, she will take his place as a matchmaker... forever.
    Will she succeed or will she set aside the task for her own feelings?
    "Soul mates. Mr. Right. Sparks. Happy Endings. Destiny... they exist."
                                    dito na lang po ako magcocomment...bakit ang ganda po ng mga sinusulat niyo??
ahahah! na curios ako sa binabasa ng kaibigan ko eto nga karmic heart kya babasahin ko din ahaha :)
okay added, since marami ako nakikita nice review, next ko na to ;)
i love this story. the concept about destiny and fate is purely AWESOMMMMEEEE!
<---BACKREAD... And I promise I wont be a spoiler.ke ke ke ∩__∩
Kita nyo na. Ni-dito nga wla sinabing nag-eexist ang forever. WALA TALAGANG FOREVER! XD HAHAHA  Ang galing tlga ni  Idol ate Jhing! Mukhang maganda to. :D