WILL EVER BE LOVED ?? #Wattys2016

WILL EVER BE LOVED ?? #Wattys2016

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Cutiepie barbie By Shylajarao942 Completed

This is story of a girl who came struggling from hardships of  not being loved the simplest thing which she has been craving the time she lost her loving parents in a car crash. Will she ever be loved? 

The boy in this story is having everything in his life loving parents crazy friends wealthy environment but still he is struggling as he is not able to win the heart of the girl for whom he is head over heals. Will he be able to win her?

Hii guyss here you go this is my second story i hope you will like it like my first story.

moon_dancer05 moon_dancer05 Jul 28, 2016
Oh poor girl...
                              I wana hit that boy whr sun dsnt shine... hell idiot jerk
Rosesecrets Rosesecrets Jun 30, 2016
Omg that guy is horrible! And she heard what he was saying about her.. that's really sad.. 
                              Amazing start btw!! :)
Iam_Imperfect Iam_Imperfect Apr 05, 2016
Great start lill sis... I'm looking forward to read more.... 👍👍👍
anika-upadhayay anika-upadhayay Jul 13, 2016
I liked the content but please make it more clear by using commas an enter
vesinwin vesinwin Apr 06, 2016
Good story line dear . .
                              I saw the same happening to one of my classmate but gals are much stronger
smiley020 smiley020 Jul 17, 2016
Stupid Idiot And jerk!  Seriously he is so mean and selfish..iam glad she came to know abt his true face but still feeling bad for her anyone vl get hurt by listening those words abt them from someone who we thought is close... great  start :)