Mithzan X Reader

Mithzan X Reader

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Person By Fluffybunny204 Updated Aug 04

This is my first fanfic please dont judge. Sorry for any bad grammer or spelling.

You're just a normal girl with a Youtube channel with about 500,000 subscribers but one day you meet a guy named Ross and become friends, but then something AMAZING happens...

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Wait what kinda fan fix is this is it max or Ross I'm confused
If you watched all of roommates it will make total sense and be funny XD
TBNE4life TBNE4life Aug 10
How the heck do people write there numbers so damn quick? Out do they just keep tiny pieces of papers with the numbers on it in there pockets?!
Whyyyy author chan whyyyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!?!?! Da puns da punsnbnvncncnmdgRUKyrkurYrjyrJey
I forgot how to shake people's hands on my first day at my new school and I still don't remember
Does Ross make friends with all IHOP waitresses in hopes for a discount?