Back To Life (Nathaniel X Reader X Adrien) |EDITING|

Back To Life (Nathaniel X Reader X Adrien) |EDITING|

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Christie Anne Pines By -CeanPines- Updated May 20

Adrien pov
It's been 3 months since the day ladybug saved paris.
It was very peaceful no crime no heroes just a normal life.Adrien misses ladybug becuase of her sacrifice just to save paris.

Nathaniel pov
It's been 3 months since Marinette was missing.Nathaniel misses Marinette because she was already consired as died as her body was found in a building where hawkmoth and ladybug fought.

Then you came to their lifes.Your name will be Anne in the story dont worry your last name still the same

I dont own this cartoon series and Nathaniel is the fox superhero

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FujoshiRen FujoshiRen Nov 29
Lol my actual outfit but it's difficult coming my hair because it's inbetween  wavy and curly so I simply let it be
Sorry but I have an outfit: Black cat shirt, lavender jean jacket, purple pants, lavender high tops, black cat ear head band.
That's exactly like mt parents... Waiting until the last minute to tell me anything.
Actually this should be adrien x anne x Nathaniel
                              Not adrien x reader x Nathaniel lol cuz reader means us lol but ill read
Ackerman_Mikasa Ackerman_Mikasa Nov 03, 2016
Lol when they said [ Your POV ] then they say ( Y/N ) my name was always Annie and my nickname was Anne and this is the perfect name xD
The face when you don't pick your name/ use you own name in a fanfic (〒︿〒)