Back To Life (Nathaniel X Reader X Adrien) |EDITING|

Back To Life (Nathaniel X Reader X Adrien) |EDITING|

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Christie Anne Pines By -CeanPines- Updated May 20

Adrien pov
It's been 3 months since the day ladybug saved paris.
It was very peaceful no crime no heroes just a normal life.Adrien misses ladybug becuase of her sacrifice just to save paris.

Nathaniel pov
It's been 3 months since Marinette was missing.Nathaniel misses Marinette because she was already consired as died as her body was found in a building where hawkmoth and ladybug fought.

Then you came to their lifes.Your name will be Anne in the story dont worry your last name still the same

I dont own this cartoon series and Nathaniel is the fox superhero

Sorry but I have an outfit: Black cat shirt, lavender jean jacket, purple pants, lavender high tops, black cat ear head band.
blackwolfieslayer blackwolfieslayer 5 days ago
Actually this should be adrien x anne x Nathaniel
                              Not adrien x reader x Nathaniel lol cuz reader means us lol but ill read
Ackerman_Mikasa Ackerman_Mikasa Nov 03, 2016
Lol when they said [ Your POV ] then they say ( Y/N ) my name was always Annie and my nickname was Anne and this is the perfect name xD
The face when you don't pick your name/ use you own name in a fanfic (〒︿〒)
kyokhoe kyokhoe Aug 16, 2016
Er, no offense but wouldn't this be considered more of a oc insert ?? Like, it doesn't really matter that we keep our last names because TBH we're barely gonna use that. But if it's a reader insert you should really not decide a specific name instead of  "(Y/N)" or something like that
AlwaysCrawlingIvy AlwaysCrawlingIvy Dec 10, 2016
May I just say that seeing this, kinda sends a signal that farther in the book people are just going to call us Anne, so I hope that's not the case.