Ghost of You » Brendon Urie ✔️

Ghost of You » Brendon Urie ✔️

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Iris was the girl who never had it at all. She passed the time by working at a local Barnes 'n Noble while playing open mic nights almost every week at the Queen Bee Coffee Shop on the outskirts of downtown Atlanta. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?


Iris would never know that one night she would play a set, and meet a boy named Brendon Urie who she had never even heard of before. Their bond would grow faster than imagined, and the two would soon become practically inseparable. But there's a catch: they're not dating. 

Brendon is scared and Iris has a lot on her plate to deal with. Will Brendon and Iris finally give up the act and admit their feelings, or will that part of them forever remain a ghost?

((Literally just a cute af story.))

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puppenli puppenli Nov 18, 2017
this story is so much fanfiction. 
                              because brendon's voice dosen't crack. its just pure perfection. he dosen't need warm up. hes too good
                              (But really good story, don't take that seriously that was a joke.)
SomeoneNamedKayla SomeoneNamedKayla Dec 15, 2017
TellurousBus7 TellurousBus7 Mar 19, 2017
I thank you that in this story Brendon is a killer or physcopath/ something like that . 👍🏻❤️
dyslexic_queen dyslexic_queen Aug 22, 2017
Saw brendon urie as the titl, yaassss already know Imma read it.
notpattywalters notpattywalters Nov 06, 2017
i’m rereading because it’s like my favorite story ever 😍
ThatAwkwardChic1143 ThatAwkwardChic1143 Sep 03, 2017
As soon as I clicked on this book, Ghost of You came on... Coincidence? I think not😂😂