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In a world every soul has an emotion. There is no way to hide an emotion. It is merely impossible! Your emotions are visible because they change your eye color. 

Your eye color depends on your emotion. 

Red: anger 
Blue: happiness 
Green: tired/sick
Brown: sadness 
Purple: overly excited 
Yellow: scared 
Pink: love 

Then their is a rare one Dan Howell has.... Black..... It has no emotion.... 

Will Dan be bullied like we was in his other school? Dan escaped for not being sad, scared, hurt it was simply everything! 

What happens when Dan goes to his new school? What happens when he meets THE Phil Lester.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks Dan's hobbit hair is cute af
Wait do sunglasses exist? He could just wear them all the time, smh (sorry but lovin the story so far)
So that means, Dan's eyes is black? Or was it a methafore? (I can't spell it)
Angel12425 Angel12425 Dec 01
I have brown eyes that turn hazel when I'm happy, and get a glint of red when I'm mad.
Not sure how I feel having "Dan" and "straight" associated with each other in the same paragraph
Ily queen I'm so excited for this story shdkehdohdkdndknfldhelndldnvkfnfknfkdndkdnskcn