Wrong way ((discontinued))

Wrong way ((discontinued))

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King?! By Kingishspider Completed

Igneel was Natsu's fist and only father he can think of.
Natsu loves Igneel with all of his soul.
But one day another dragon by the name of Acnologia takes Natsu away from Igneel. 

Igneel never found his lost son, but that doesn't mean he won't stop trying.

Acnologia is Natsu's new master. Acnologia keeps Natsu until he is 15, well Natsu escaped him. 
He was found half dead by on old short man and a tall ginger. 
When Natsu is recovered the old man sees the potential, the dark aura, and the boys dark power. The old man basically forces Natsu to join his guild Fairytail.

Dose Acnologia find Natsu?
What did Acnologia do to him?
What happened to Igneel? 
These questions have answers, and there in the book!

this is gettng really good and its only been 2 chapters xD  keep it up! (do you use a phone or computer? cuz phones are difficult to work with, so if ur working with a phone, bless ur soul! xD
Yay next chapter 😍 I have a feeling this is going to be the story that I just sit on my couch, stare at my phone, and wait😋
yuusshh! this is really good! why there no 3 chapters TT^TT  u lie xD (i dont mind) xD
This is good I am very intrigued. I also have an idea to not have the guild know that natsu was Acnologia's student