Lady Lion [Sirius Black] [ON HOLD]

Lady Lion [Sirius Black] [ON HOLD]

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dystopians By dystopians Updated Mar 26, 2017

Metamorphmagi are very rare, so it came to a surprise to the seemingly perfect Huntingdon family when their youngest was born with the ability to change her appearance at will. Calista Huntingdon, although pleased with her ability, wanted nothing more than to blend in during her years at school. However, one action makes her years at Hogwarts anything but mundane.

She is pulled into the loudest, craziest, and most well known group Hogwarts has ever seen.

•Marauders' Era•
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SassyBatz SassyBatz Sep 25, 2016
Relatable when your the middle child who is an extraverted, prankster, rebel, smart arse, has a brain but doesn't use it kind of person that is so unlike her parents @Nikeysiai thibk I explained myself pretty well tbh
gryffindor-prankster gryffindor-prankster Jan 26, 2017
Squid_Snort Squid_Snort Nov 07, 2016
Oh jeez. For a moment there I was scared they would hate her for the rest of her lifs. Whew!
The_Lost_Time_Lord The_Lost_Time_Lord Aug 11, 2016
Lol. It's like: 
                              This person is rich. This person is famous. Their daughter is the smartest in the world. 
                              And then there's Calista....
_legixn _legixn Aug 17, 2016
                              I WISH I WRITE LIKE THAT
crackpotoldfool crackpotoldfool Feb 08, 2017
It's not well she was just born as in she isn't anything. It's she was just born like she's a newborn ^^^ to everyone previously.