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Love can be difficult (servamp kuro X OC)

Love can be difficult (servamp kuro X OC)

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IsYourFamily By comorade Completed

Mahirus cousin shi who practically hates the outside world and barely goes outside in the weekends and like to play video games 
And only goes outside for school while walking home with mahiru (they live together) they stumbled upon a black cat knowing that her cousin would feel bad shi picks it up and calls it  
"Kuro" both take kuro home and give it a bell to wear the day after they got kuro well let's just say there lives were never gonna be the same 

Hello I do not own servamp all characters go to  
Strike Tanaka expect shi is mine hope u enjoy my book here  

Oh an one more thing about shi she's practically lazy and thinks everything is a pain/drag and doesn't do much and makes a mess for mahiru to pick for himself so we can say kuro and shi are the same hehehe

Where are the quotation marks? You need to have them or else people will get confused 🤷🏻‍♀️
comorade comorade Aug 19, 2016
Oh Gomen but I'm not working in this story anymore and I'm not really thinking on editing it
AstralKarma AstralKarma Sep 25, 2016
It's difficult to read this story since there aren't quotations ( " these things" ) when people are speaking. If you ever decide to go back and add those in it'd be a major improvement.
Raven1889 Raven1889 Aug 19, 2016
I'm sorry if this sounds rude but could you look over your story and fix the grammar? Again I'm sorry if that sounds rude but with the way it is now it makes reading a little confusing. Other than that I like the story so far 😃
dyoslime dyoslime Sep 25, 2016
Hmm.. It's kind a bit of confusing.. I don't really understand it much.. But the others are good.. I guess.. o.o