War of Hearts ▷ Quil Ateara

War of Hearts ▷ Quil Ateara

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caitlin By illustration Updated Jul 13, 2017

❝I've always been second choice. I am sick and tired of this repeating pattern. When is it ever going to stop?❞

❝Right now. You're my first choice, June. You always have been.❞


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ohnolan ohnolan Jul 04, 2017
i love how you always make me smile by the end of every chapter with just a little phrase
admonitio admonitio May 26, 2017
Okay, so, quick question, to hope on the super hip bandwagon appeal: how do you get the opening and closing double quotes like that?
-gilbertblythee -gilbertblythee Jul 13, 2017
I just imagined young him walking up to a bunch of 6 year olds wearing heels, and when the shouted 'cooties' they tried to run and they fell😂😂 idk why
-gilbertblythee -gilbertblythee Jul 13, 2017
I already ship it and I'm getting super excited for this book