Daddy So Horny

Daddy So Horny

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when Jimin's family's success went downhill and the supposed rich man wanted his money back, Jimin's father contrive his son to a huge mansion in the middle of a quiestcent city as the payment  while their conflict of financials deepened and much less than a success; courtesy of the man with much affection especially by the generals; Min Yoongi, had decided the payment for their family's numerous debts after gathering his thoughts when viewing the boy's figure. obedient, petite and beautiful, just the way the menancing man wanted it. 

The boy did nothing much but being spoiled, obeying, and giving the other what he wanted,  but Jimin's curiousity went far from Yoongi's comfort zone. The man with a scowl and sharp gaze was hard to scan, the mysterious allure taunting his entire figure. It was clear that Yoongi was not an open book, secrets in head and none had dared to find out who he really is. Jimin, in the other hand, was the complete opposite. the voice of Yoongi's ex step-brother had previously wander into his world, "Don't try it," he slurred, but Jimin was always the one to experiment.

[discontinued, i'll be back when i can, but i'm not sure when, sorry]

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GlanceiaHP GlanceiaHP Dec 20, 2017
good shi.t right there if i do say so myself, get me a life like this
Happydog3 Happydog3 Aug 13, 2017
Boi Tae get ur a$$ over here and collect Mr bunnie teeth man!
Kamiships Kamiships Feb 10
My question is if he can't call u Sir, Yoongi,or Daddy then wot is he supposed to call u?
herbalkook herbalkook Feb 25, 2017
whenever jungkook says 'Jiminie' I think of episode 5 when kookie was teasing jimin about his height