Mr. Dominat And I

Mr. Dominat And I

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He growled and pinned me down on the wall " you are MINE, and if I ever see you talking or looking at a male, I will rip his fucking throat out and fuck you so hard that you won't be able to stand"  he growled against my neck and i barred my teeth as my panties became wet " bite me alpha"

Emmy can't stand rules,  for as long as she known she's been alone with no help in finding her way, after being abused to a breaking point she suddenly kills him with powers she never knew she had.

 Ounce a dangerous,  possessive and dominant alpha mate comes and claims her, she can't keep herself from submitting, she can only delay it.

Alpha Clayton has to be in control, he has to feel secure on the inside.

 He might seem so strong and dangerous but on the inside he's insecure like no other but he would never admit it.

 Ounce his eyes fall onto his sexy mate, he needs her as his to know she would never leave but she won't come willingly.

  • dominant
  • insecure-mate
  • possessive
  • rated-r
  • submissive
walkz007 walkz007 Jul 05, 2017
The thought of any one teaching  respect is laughable. I mean wat college or uni teaches this.... Utter nonsense. My issue is women should feel like submission is a gift, myb i have nt experienced it as such but it is an honor. That being said this book is awesome so read it.
juju13jms juju13jms Feb 28, 2017
Please tell me somebody das goofy af wrote this 😂😂😂😂😂😂