Watching Miraculous

Watching Miraculous

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Taylor Alexis By marichat_sins Updated Sep 07

Adrien snuggled into his warm pillow before sighing and waking up. He sleepily rubbed his eyes and yawned before looking around him.

Marinette was lying on his chest and try were on these furry beanbag like things. Not only was Mari there, the whole class was. And they were just waking up.

"Welcome to Miraculous Ladybug."

I got this idea from @shadowedtime

Ikr Chloe is my new fav...  Well she always was😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The same happen to me I hated Chloe since the first time I saw her but now I think she deserves a chance  to change and to be a better person (hope she keeps that sass tho)
It's true she's not that bad, in fact she is a lot like Mari in some ways
Sure.... she's supposed to be a jerk most of the time anyway
_jet54 _jet54 Aug 09
I thought I was the only one oml; she isn't even that bad of a character.
I'm really glad I stuck around in hope you would update this. Can't wait to read