The Daughter of the King

The Daughter of the King

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Brooke By Evilismytwin Updated Oct 05, 2016

"Dr. Youngblood flinched before moving Saskia's head to the side, exposing the neck of the girl. The place where her lover's mark would eventually be. He sighed before injecting her with the poison.

Then came the screams. The horrid screams that would last for months."

 Diomedes Samil, the werewolf king. Cruel, calculating, malicious, and merciless. The main adjectives used to describe the werewolf king.

Saskia Samil, daughter of the infamous king, has had a horrid childhood filled with despair and pain. But now, at age 20, she is the most powerful wolf on the planet. After her father of course. To most she's just as cruel as her father. Emotionless, heartless, and terribly crude.

Jasper Lawrence is the exact opposite. Lively and fun, he hasn't a care in the world. He just wants to live his life the way he chooses with his best friend Walker.

But when he goes with his friend to an Alpha meeting, his life changes forever.

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