Abandoned || JiKook

Abandoned || JiKook

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Fey By FeyGuldis Updated Nov 22, 2016

Jungkook finally returned to Korea after over two years studying at America. But when he got back he changed a little, and Jimin decides to be quiet about it.

Berry berry berry slow(poke) updates 
(I don't like puns...just so u know)

Started: 4/2/16
Ended: -/-/--

STOrange262 STOrange262 Nov 30, 2016
Someone call my squad I need help to push Jungkook into cliff
STOrange262 STOrange262 Nov 30, 2016
Why almost jikook ff author want me to hate V my beloved alien ^^;;
hrlyquinzel hrlyquinzel Jan 09
typical fanfics where the male lead suddenly went back to the lead's life from nowhere lol no offense i was just laughing haha
STOrange262 STOrange262 Nov 30, 2016
Oh oh my school once make this tradition but all letters suddenly gone when we come to take it ^^;;
lforever lforever Dec 08, 2016
Of course the one who is holding the mirror and fixing his eyeliners is Byun Baekhyun
Band_obsessions_ Band_obsessions_ Dec 01, 2016
If they give him this much attention just from him walking in then why tf they so mean to jimin I mean he's hella attractive