Adopted Into The DDLG Lifestyle Re - Written

Adopted Into The DDLG Lifestyle Re - Written

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adirahharris13467 By adirahharris13467 Updated May 17, 2017

Okay I decided to re-write this story because the other one got deleted and I don't know how to get it back, but don't worry this story is wayyyy better than the original. 

Meet Heavenly-Joyce Sky. She's cheeky,funny, sweet, beautiful and innocent. So innocent. This beautiful 15 year old knows nothing about the danger's of the outside world farther then the grassy front yard of Aunt May's Orphanage Home. 

So one day a two siblings come walking through the orphages doors looking for the perfect little sister to make there family whole. But when they see little Heaven skipping down the hall with her beautiful brown eyes sparkling with so much happiness, they knew she was the one.

But wait there's more. I never said that Heavenly-Joyce was a orphan.  So what happens when the extremely wealthy D'Angleo family get a little surprise when Little Heavenly-Joyce walks through the doors with her light grey eyes that looks so much like there's.....

  • 18
  • abuse
  • danger
  • ddlg
  • family
  • impregnation
  • innocence
  • mafia
  • punishment
  • r-rated
Luna_Frost_Assassin Luna_Frost_Assassin Dec 26, 2017
Where’s the other Heathers sadly there’s three of those hoès
cerababeara cerababeara Jul 30, 2017
For a second I was about say "that is not the character is it??" 😂
mand123 mand123 May 25, 2017
Wait, is this like a Murder She Wrote parody or something??? I love that show!!!!
Luna_Frost_Assassin Luna_Frost_Assassin Dec 26, 2017
For a minute I was bout to say um that’s not the main character is it cause if it is We NEED to change that real quick 😂
I actually know someone with similar eyebrows she got them tattooed when she was drunk and regrets it so much.The good thing is that it isnt too extreme it still looks pretty bad tho😅😂
Dessyidc Dessyidc Jan 15
my mama y’all like this to me when she comes home mad from work