Have Hope, Hailey

Have Hope, Hailey

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In which a girl gets cheated on for a year and a half and a guy knows exactly what it feels like.

Hailey Evans is a senior in high school who just so happens to find out her boyfriend and best friend have been cheating on her on the day of her two year anniversary. 

Grayson Andrews is also a senior in high school who happens to know what it feels like to have his heart broken over and over again. He flirts and hooks up with girls with no strings attached. Grayson "doesn't do feelings". He doesn't believe he is capable of being loved- or even liked.

Well, what if there's someone who's able to change that? *cough cough* Hailey.

On the day of Hailey's anniversary, Grayson catches Hailey outside in the cold, alone, and crying. He attempts to comfort her- only wanting to hook up with her at first- but after learning that she was cheated on he actually feels empathetic for her.

And what happens after that? Hailey and Grayson soon turn into friends. They even spark a romantic interest along the way. But what's a story without a little (or a lot of) drama? Can I promise you a happy ending? Nope. Can I promise you that you'll definitely like this story? Hell no. But what I can promise you is that you'll leave this story learning a very valuable lesson. You'll just have to read on to see what it is.

[Warning: This story includes or may have to do with, cursing, abuse, suicidal thoughts, mature content, etc.]

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tbs007 tbs007 Nov 01, 2017
She should’ve stepped on the watch at least. He doesn’t even deserve that gift!
Very interesting plot, I can’t wait to read more! Poor Hailey, I just wanna reach in there and give her a big hug. ❤️
beeliked beeliked Aug 23, 2017
& you weren't supposed to be making out with my bestfriend but I guess we're all doing things we shouldn't ✌🏽
tbs007 tbs007 Nov 01, 2017
Wonder why....his guilty aśś already knows he’s going to feel bad after so he’s going to spend the whole day with her
SanjRocks SanjRocks Aug 10, 2016
SanjRocks SanjRocks Aug 10, 2016
This is so good so far! I'm seriously loving it and can't wait to meet the new guy!