candy striper :: l.h.

candy striper :: l.h.

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❝Who're you?❞

❝Fallon. I'm your candy striper for the next two months. Who are you?❞

❝I'm a lonely, incredibly depressed, cancer-inflicted, dying, nineteen year old boy.❞

❝Nice to meet you, a-lonely-incredibly-depressed-cancer-inflicted-dying-nineteen-year-old-boy.❞

❝Goddamn, I hate you already.❞


the one where fallon's out of money, and luke is out of hope.

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thatsotaty thatsotaty Jul 07, 2017
That's what my mom said when I wanted to go to Paris alone for my 18th birthday
bunnycorcoran bunnycorcoran Jul 10, 2016
i'm like internally crying bc FINALLY someone used princess courtney eaton God bless u
xxCinnamon_Melodyxx xxCinnamon_Melodyxx Jan 25, 2017
She better thank Ashton now for everything that's about to happen
- - Apr 02, 2016
I'm excited to see how you write this. It sounds like it's going to be a little sad but good
rosesomething rosesomething Nov 16, 2016
this wouldn't even be an argument with my mom it would just be a no and if I fought with it I'd get in trouble smh
uneffusive uneffusive Apr 04, 2016
I think this idea is super duper cute and I absolutely love your flawless writing style <3