Something Unusual ↬ A Pentatonix Fanfiction

Something Unusual ↬ A Pentatonix Fanfiction

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Santa Grassi By RoseGoldDjooo Updated 4 days ago

Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Avi Kaplan, and Kevin Olusola are just normal teenagers at a private high school.

Minus the normal part.

None of them are close to normal.

They are all in different social groups,

Scott is a gamer.
Mitch is a rebel.
Kirstin is a diva.
Avi is a teacher's pet.
And Kevin is an athletic.

When put together as an experiment, will they clash, or become best of friends?

It's pentatonix so what da you think? *winks*
                              I LOVE IT ALREADY
PTX_Phan PTX_Phan Aug 14
It's ok. If teachers like you they give you free stuff at the end of the year
PTX_Phan PTX_Phan Aug 14
I bet this is what she'd be like if she got thrown into a van
PTX_Phan PTX_Phan Aug 14
Hey now don't diss gameboys. I still play Pokemon on my game boy even though I'm 26 and its 2016
pyschoptx pyschoptx Dec 01
in the description of the book i thought it said kevin was an aesthetic 😂
I love it so much and wonder what Avi is  going to be like. 
                              Also, who shares the bed? ;) XD