[Itachi x Reader] Rolling Girl

[Itachi x Reader] Rolling Girl

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The lonely girl is forever dreaming of something she can't reach and 

Churning, churning the insides of her flustered mind.

The bell rang as school was let out. You walked out of the building quietly, trying to make sure that you were the last person to come out. Inspecting your arms and legs, they were covered in bruises and cuts again. Bullies. Every time they'd come and pick on you for your ambitions and dreams that you had. 

Feeling sick of looking at a half swollen bruise on your arm, you ran off to wash off the blood at the school sink. Red blood washed off, and swirled, disappearing down the drain. You cringed slightly as you applied the alcohol to make the bruise better, and hurriedly applied the bandage. Then you pulled your battered uniform sleeve down. 

It always seem to happen.

You always had this unique dream that the bullies picked on you for. The dream to chase after Itachi Uchiha. Scratching your head, crazily, you shook.

The bullies were after your head with your...

Dgcast16 Dgcast16 Dec 26, 2016
Didn't know the song, searched it up, now I'm lovin' it !!😆
sehunek sehunek Feb 13, 2017
this is like Hatsune Miku's song omg I love it 😍💙(>ω<)
Uzumaki_Hyuga_Hinata Uzumaki_Hyuga_Hinata Mar 05, 2016
One more time! One more time!
                              It is pretty ironic how I was listening to Rolling Girl.
EvangelistJackson EvangelistJackson May 16, 2015
I'm sorry but if I was her I'd be pull'n guns out on all of them. I'm just violent like that