Demeter's Call

Demeter's Call

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˗ˏˋ skylar ˎˊ˗ By winterfrosties Updated Sep 05

"So my mom Demeter is kidnapped by the goddess of gossip?"

"...You could say that but the proper term is-"

"Oh Annabeth let the poor girl revel in her glory"

"Uh guys..."


Tania Wells was just your average demigod: unnoticed by most and certainly not wanting the life given to her until one day.

One night actually when Tania receives a dream from Demeter, her oh-so-lovely mother who just so happened to get herself kidnapped by Pheme the goddess of gossip. Tania finds herself whisked away on a journey with her sister and Grover the satyr not knowing the first thing about quests or defending herself against monsters and who-knows-what.

But why did Tania get chosen out of all her siblings and all of the perfectly capable demigods to save her mother who Tania still has resentment for?

Follow Tania on her journey through secrets, lies and mysteries while finding out not only her own identity but the ones of those around her.

Minionism Minionism Oct 15
If I was a goddess, I would probably be the goddess of gossip too.
-azkabane- -azkabane- May 22
It's okay, we all want them, but alas the troll is too kingly for us
Goddess of gossip though? First time I heard that. Finally, something original!
neverlanded neverlanded Jun 11
OOOH can't wait to give this a try; this plot sounds super unique!
Okay I saw this book on my newsfeed and can I just tell you that the cover is gorgeous
Nope. I've read to many Cliche fics to believe in Grover anymore