Bring me back  |Completed|

Bring me back |Completed|

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Tes By LoViNgyoux Completed


Destiny Young, a nineteen year old girl, has been abused for years now. When she finally finds the courage to run away again, she literally bumps into a billionaire. Not only that, he also happens to be a mafia boss. For some reason, Emilio Davis decides not to let her go. 

At first, Destiny thought her life turned out to be more miserable. But will she change her thoughts and feelings about Emilio?

Destiny lost her confidence and fight a long while ago. She once was feisty and could easily say 'no'. Can he bring her back? Does she really have any hope left? 
This is the first story that I've ever written so don't expect too much. :)

#487 in Romance 18-08
#311 in Romance 30-08

Highest ranking: #130 in Romance!!

  • abuse
  • billionaire
  • boss
  • drama
  • friendship
  • hope
  • liefde
  • love
  • mafia
  • romance
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Adeline_Vaz Adeline_Vaz Nov 26, 2016
Title of the chapter: 5/5.
                              Character names: 5/5.
                              Media/picture/video on the top/cover: 5/5.
                              Grammar spelling: 4/5.
                              Awesome start....really lyked the chapter!
crimsonanclover crimsonanclover Oct 29, 2016
Title of chapter 3/5
                              Character names within chapter 1/5
                              Media/picture/video on top/ cover 4/5
                              Grammar/spelling 4/5
thatonelarryshipper2 thatonelarryshipper2 Feb 12, 2017
I just noticed I been reading the wrong story think this was a flash back
I really can't get this...
                              Why do "MAFIAN BODYGUARDS" or the main "MAFIA" have to be this breathtaking 😹😹😹😹
curious007 curious007 Nov 18, 2016
title of chapter 5/5
                              Character names 5/5
                              Media And Cover 5/5
                              Spelling/Grammar 5/5
                              Love your story, i just kept reading after this so yay
RedDragon09 RedDragon09 Oct 31, 2016
Title of the chapter: 5/5
                              Character names: 5/5
                              Media &a cover: 5/5
                              Spelling & Grammar: 4/5 I know how it's painful to keep an eye on both grammar and spelling. Well done enjoyed this chapter & I'll keep reading for sure :)