On the bright side - Creek

On the bright side - Creek

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Sushi’sMyBoyfriend By NaniTheQuiznak Completed

I fell in love with you, because you loved me when i couldn't love myself.~ 

Tweek Tweak, a nobody, without friends, a loner. One of the best students, but not noticed by anyone. 
Craig Tucker, badass, bully , doesn't care about a shit. Him and his squad (token, clyde) rule the school.
Now... What happens if these two get pared for the school's last assignment, and Craig needs those grades to pass? Pared to make a song, poem, or a rap together, and in the end of the school year they need to bring it to the whole school? Now what's gonna happen, when people do notice and Craig does care? 

~Boys are age if 17/18. Yaoi, bxb, a little smut, depression, selfharm (explained, not graphic), may contain triggers. Probably a lot of spelling errors, and bad grammar , anyway, enjoy! <3

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HeOlkSama HeOlkSama Jun 07
                              ( But I still  Love it °^°)
All my ships are here! But I don't ship Cartman with Wendy...
derpboo derpboo Nov 06
i love how cartman literally has a girlfriend and everyone still labels him as part of The Queers. like one day he finally gets a gf and hes like "guys look see! i'm not gay!!" and everyone suspiciously squints at him and just go "hmmm... no, ur still gay asf..."
wintxrlily wintxrlily May 15
Nah, they should be called "The Couples Who's Ship Names Are Suspiciously Actual Words Like Trey Parker And Matt Stone Planned It."
ltnkopi ltnkopi Feb 22
... *clears throat and hands them a paper* this is my application, I'd like to join you, 'The Queers'.