If I Knew [Bruno Mars Fan Fiction]

If I Knew [Bruno Mars Fan Fiction]

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I fingered the chain that was clasped around my neck. I put the ocean blue stone that hung from the end in my palm and tightened my grip around it. It was still as cold as it had always been. I sighed and stared longingly out of the window, catching the attention of my best friend. 

Athena looked at me with pity. She placed a hand on my arm. "You'll find your special guy someday.", she said sympathetically. 

I turned to look at her and sighed once more. "I sure hope so."

She smiled, trying to comfort me. "I think your forgetting I haven't found my soulmate yet, either." She took my hand and placed it on the stone attached to her necklace. It was just as cold as mine. This did help to put me at ease a little. I gave a little half-smile in return. 

I flung myself down on my bed. "Ugh, you'd think we wouldn't need to waste time dating or drooling after guys but no. I guess the necklaces have to be difficult, huh?" 

I guess I should explain this better, shouldn't I? Well, when we're b...

Taji_Cupcake Taji_Cupcake Jun 02, 2017
What are you talm bout you could hit me up for a ticket. I'm poor
PorcelainMelanin PorcelainMelanin Apr 19, 2017
I hate that ppl who genuinely don't like him get to go to his shows. They deserve a kick in the throat not a concert ticket.
Taji_Cupcake Taji_Cupcake Jun 02, 2017
But how do you forget you finna see some fine boy sing and dance?
bruhitskeishy bruhitskeishy Mar 25, 2017
Yo are you even human my dude how do you not like him?! 😂😂💀
SmoothHooligan SmoothHooligan Aug 24, 2017
LittleMissHooligan_ LittleMissHooligan_ May 20, 2017
you better go! His tickets are so expensive, you can pay your rent with that money!