The Runaway Heiress

The Runaway Heiress

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RastroAsf By RastroAsf Updated Nov 24

That one silent night,something gruesome happened that changed her life.

We are all in the same game just different levels.Dealing with the same hell,just different devils.

"I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they have dreamed of,so they will know that it's not the only things that matters in life,their is far, and more significant than these things."

Wtf that was Wila?! 😱 wait are Althea and Wila a couple? 😞
You should continue writing this.,  you just published chapter 1 and yet it's interesting already :)
U got me there author, i thought its Jade, but unfortunately its Wila.😯
haimbin haimbin Apr 04
Hah! Athea's actually good author i like your plot about the story..please continue😊😄
very good in the first chapter and well understand the story for the words..
Not bad for the first chapter. I was surprised by the sudden SPG.. 😅 the story seems interesting though, I'll read the other chapters when I have time again.