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Exploring Hidden Feelings *COMPLETED*{Teen Wolf/ Stiles}

Exploring Hidden Feelings *COMPLETED*{Teen Wolf/ Stiles}

95.3K Reads 1.3K Votes 16 Part Story
Writter3_alexis By Writter3_alexis Updated Jun 15, 2014

This story is a sweet little twist on Teen wolf, but even if you don't watch teen wolf you should still love this story, and it will be easy to follow. . I've added the character of Kate who is basically Scott's sister. 
Stiles is Scotts best friend. Stiles and Kate have secretly liked each other since they were little but thought it would be too weird, and that Scott wouldn't like it!

But what happens when they are no longer able to hold back their hidden feelings? Will things end happy ever after? or Will Scott kill his best friend??

---------Sneak Peak---------
"What if Scott sees?" I asked catching my breath. "He's not even home, were all alone." stiles answered with a smirk on his face.

 He trailed kisses down my neck, he had me pinned against the wall. He gently moved his hand down the front of my body and down to the rim of my shorts. Then slowly slid his hand down....      


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