Once Upon a Country Boy

Once Upon a Country Boy

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ammimarie96 By ammimarie96 Updated Dec 23, 2013

He hadn't been there for more than five minutes and they were already judging him, "The White Boy," "The Hick," "The Redneck," "The Hillbilly." They made fun of his tight jeans, his camo hoodie, his boots, and his accent. I couldn't understand how anyone could be so cruel.

Me? Well, I thought he was gorgeous. His Wrangler jeans were just tight enough to show off his amazing ass, and anyone who can quote Luke, Brantley, and Jason while introducing themselves is alright with me. Those three boys could melt a girl's heart faster than homemade peach ice cream on sunburnt lips.

I looked up to notice him sitting next to me. I tried to force myself to say something, but I was too damn shy, so I just kept smiling like the dork I am. I was so wrapped up in his sparkling blue eyes that I barely noticed him ask my name.

"My name's Allie-May, but my friends call me Allie," I replied, still smiling like a dork.

"Hi, Allie, I'm Andrew, but I go by Andy. Do you mind me sitting here?" He said,...

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valiant-baker valiant-baker May 11, 2017
I drive a real old 1966 Chevy pickup she's real basic, no lifts or gadgets but she gets the job done
valiant-baker valiant-baker May 11, 2017
I'm from the Midwest (Kansas specifically) so my drawl isn't that strong, but we still say darlin with a drawl. I think it just depends on what part of Kansas though. Some of the big cities don't really talk like that
abbykeeler abbykeeler Sep 29, 2017
No words *just stands and stares the the beautiful mess in front of me. Possibly passes out*
Am I the only one who thinks they are moving a little fast to only have knkwn each other for one day?
I know I may sound weird when I say this but do u mean perfect for a kiss?
horse_girl5 horse_girl5 Jun 15
They’ve known each other for not even 24 hours he knows what she’s like he knows where she live I’m just putting this out there but I think he’s a stalker