Jamais Vu

Jamais Vu

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Kate J. Squires By Blondeanddangerous Completed

What if you met the man of your dreams but he was already married... to you?

Jamais Vu is a time-traveling romance wrapped in a deadly mystery.  Nessa is in the last year of her university studies when she begins to experience strange phenomena - waves of déjà vu, convincing her that she is familiar with places she's never been before.  When she sees a bearded stranger, she is powerfully drawn to him, feeling as though she knows the older man already.

But Dan is overwhelmed by the appearance of the beautiful younger woman, who is actually a youthful version of his missing wife.  Nessa is somehow travelling ten years into the future to meet up with her the man who will eventually become her husband.  Past and future become entangled as Nessa meets a young Dan in her present, while ten years in the future, Dan strives to save his wife from the clutches of a lethal serial killer.

The clock is ticking as both a young Nessa and an older Dan attempt to keep the future intact, and restrain themselves from falling in love with the wrong version of each other.  But is it cheating on someone if you're in love with who they are - just in another time?

happygirl1 happygirl1 Oct 04
I'm not sure keeping somebody way past their bedtime is a good thing ;)
Since you are one of my most favourite authors in the writing world, I will support you no matter how rough or 'green' as you put it the story is. I am only ashamed of myself that there are already so many chapters out and I have only just found it :'(
trestar2181 trestar2181 Nov 04
Very respectful and through. Good qualities in a strong successful author. Good luck.
Hey guys just created my first ever watt pad d it would mean so much to me if anyone checks it out
Deep-Blue01 Deep-Blue01 Jun 18
The synopsis was great! This book is so unique. Never seen anything like it!
Hey I really enjoyed your story! You should post more! You are really good! If you wouldn't mind checking out and commenting or voting on my history "My love story"?