You Owe Me~ Attack On Titan Riren (Discontinued)

You Owe Me~ Attack On Titan Riren (Discontinued)

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✨Weirdos_21✨ By Levi_Kirstein Updated Jul 12

"GET OFF OF ME!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. Jean smirked at me, and he wrapped his hands around my neck, while pushing me against the lockers, and I felt the circulation of air from my lungs start to get cut off.  

His hands were grasping at my throat, leaving me without air. My eyes were wide with fear and small ragged gasps were escaping my throat.

But soon, I felt his grip loosen, and vanish. I grabbed my throat, and started coughing, regaining my breath.

I looked around, and saw Jean getting pinned onto the ground by a boy with raven black hair, and he looked surprisingly strong. 

"Fucking freshman, it's your first week and you're already picking on someone, you're fucking pathetic." The boy said bluntly. I glanced at jean, and his eyes held fear.

And the boy starting punching Jean, in the face, stomach, you name it, he was hitting him over and over again, and Jean soon started coughing up blood. 

The boy punched him one more time, and stood up, and began to walk away, before I could even thank him, he turned his head around, and stared at me.

I saw a small smirk appear on his thin red lips, and he called from across the hallway, "You owe me." And he walked away.

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Good story so far will be looking forward to readin the rest :p
The last I heard, you were Whoring around with the Tree Petra!